Core concepts


The web site appears to the user as a hierarchy of pages, such as what is displayed on a sitemap. This hierarchy will be used to build the menu navigation automatically. The editors and administrators create the pages and manage the permissions according to the same hierarchy.

In order to handle specific cases in the site navigation, SiteNOTE allows pages to be hidden, offline, redirecting pages, or to be considered as page groups (containing other pages, and whose role is to be displayed as menu entries)


All the pages of the web site are built using modules that can be changed or rearranged by the administrator in design mode. These modules are either ASP.NET server controls provided by SiteNOTE, either custom ASP.NET server controls provided by the developer. Here are the controls currently available in SiteNOTE :

  • Editable controls: structured content (XML), free content (HTML), forms (XML), shared content (the content is fed from a content located in another page).
  • Navigation controls: menu, path (breadcrumb), sitemap, language selector.
  • Other controls: search engine, authentication.


SiteNOTE treats localized sites as subsites that can be different -if needed- in terms of content, structure or design. They can be considered unrelated, except regarding the following :

  • Users and groups are common across localized sites.
  • The "splash" page at the root of the site let the user select the language/locale.
  • The page templates, content structure, stylesheets and design images are common and available to all localized sites.

Access to administration

When you access the site administration, after entering your user name and password, the web site is displayed in your browser. The top of the window shows the toolbar, which allows you to perform administration tasks.

The toolbar groups the "page" actions: create, edit content, design, delete, change sort order, properties, permissions. The other icons let you access general-purpose functionalities: publication, site administration, logout.