Website edition

Managing pages  

SiteNOTE provides straightforward commands for managing pages:

  • Create, delete, change page order
  • Change page access through permissions
  • Set keywords and description for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Hide pages or put pages offline
  • Redirect pages to internal or external pages

Content management  

Page layout

SiteNOTE is using the ASP.NET Web Parts Framework to build pages. This framework allows editors, designers and developers to define the layout of pages by selecting controls available in a list and dropping them into the page building blocks.

SiteNOTE offers several core modules out of the box, like XML or HTML editors, Forms, Picture gallery, Videos, Menu, Sitemap, Search form, etc...

Developers can easily add their own controls to the list, and let Content Editors design pages without requiring further programming.


SiteNOTE can use several templates for creating new pages. However, the page layout is so flexible that on most websites, there is often one template available only. The layout, design and behavior of the objects on the page can nevertheless be changed in many ways through the CSS configuration or by using design mode.

If they are made available by the developer, additional templates will let users create pages that can have a very specific behavior or design. The developer can also control which templates are available to create subpages.

Structured content

The content that can be changed through the XML editor is structured as a tree (hierarchically). The objects that make the content contain subobjects, like a book with chapters, sections, subsections and text. Such objects are sections, titles, paragraphs or pictures that are recognized as such by the XML editor. They have also specific properties that will modify the way they look or behave on the page.

This content structure allows the site developers to enforce a consistent look and feel throughout the web site: design rules will be enforced (each object has a specific style) and structure rules will be enforced (e.g. each section must contain at least a title).

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