Release Notes

SiteNOTE 3.3

The 3.3 release of CrossFactory SiteNOTE is available as from March 11 2010.

Features that have been added are the following:

  • The Publish window now allows to Reject publication of pages (after confirmation). Such pages are then removed from the list of pages to publish. No roll-back of the page itself is performed.
  • The Publish window allows now additionnally to select all pages related to a specific user only.
  • When editing a page, it is now possible to have a "Save and Publish" additionnal button that allows immediate publishing of the changes without the need to use the publish window anymore. Using this button, the user is redirected to the online version of the page.
  • SiteNOTE handles auto-login in Active Directory (useful for intranets). Users are automatically authenticated according to their workstation credentials, within the same users domain.
  • It is now possible to manage the logged-on time period when editing a site. The user may remain logged-on indefinitely while editor remains open or admins may set a session-duration restriction.
  • User-account is now locked after 3 unsuccessful login trials.
  • Login page now contains a link to receive a new password for a given user (related to username or user's email, as both are now useable to login).
  • Page history window can now be accessed from page properties window.
  • When creating a new page, this page then opens immediately in edit mode. This avoids a user click, useless most of the time.
  • When choosing an internal page using the tree selector, the tree is now positionned on the current page to allow easier relative selection.
  • The form's "Auto-Reply" functionality that allows the user who sumits a form to receive a confirmation email message has been modified to be more user-friendly (property of submit button + control in confirmation page now).
  • A new Silverlight video Player has been added in the available objects of XMLEditor.
  • A "SubPagesIndex" design control is now available, to list automatically the immediate subpages of the current page. This can be useful when subpages are similar (list of "how to" or list of "Release notes", or ...) and the user would like a global overview of their subjects. This is a kind of substract of a sitemap. It can also be considered as an in-depth navigation alternative in combination with SiteMapPath (a.k.a. breadcrumb), to avoid having too many menu levels. A property has been added to these 2 components to allow them to handle or not the hidden pages.
  • Image gallery control allows now to upload a package of images in one step.
  • For a better indexing process by search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing ...), SiteNOTE provides an automatically generated XML Sitemap that can be referenced in the Robots.txt file
  • Configuration/System settings for the website are now editable using a dedicated interface in website administration.
  • It is now possible to use automatic scopes on Search engine, to allow user to search in a subpart of the site only.
  • A "Page clone" control is now optionnally available to speed up creation of similar pages at the same level.

Bugs / Problems have also been fixed. Here is a list of the most relevant ones:

  • Menu control has been modified to remove useless and error-prone properties
  • XMLEditor checks for MSXML4 have been removed as MSXML6 is now used instead.
  • Calendar field in forms is now correctly positionned.
  • Search engine does not list duplicate results anymore related to pages that have the "page-group" property set.
  • Search Engine re-indexing (scheduling or triggering when publish) has been developped independantly on UltimateSearch settings.
  • Search Engine indexing of Office 2003 documents using IFilters on the server is fixed. Office 2007 documents indexing issue persists.
  • Search administration has now its set of permissions (not accessible anymore for everyone)
  • Display troubles and JS errors under Internet Explorer 8 (Compatibility View only) have been fixed
  • Images inserted in a page are now correctly duplicated when the page is duplicated
  • Bug of page refresh after page rename has been fixed.
  • The Logout link of the restricted areas (subtree of pages requesting authentication) has been fixed to avoid display of HTTP401 error.
  • The download of attachments/files allows now to save page using their original filename
  • When form submission fails to store form's data in the website's database, Error HTTP500 is now displayed (or customError if defined)
  • Filenames of attachments/files are now urlencoded to avoid querystring parsing problems. Same for Hyperlinks.
  • Problem related to pasting the "<" and ">" characters in structured content has been fixed.
  • In Page History window, versions are now sorted according to date (decreasing order)
  • FormConnectionString in SiteNote.config is now a virtual path.
  • Handling of the path has been corrected when using a redirect to a relative path in page properties.
  • To avoid loosing content when using a Free-Style content item in an XMLEditor page, it is not possible anymore to save the page while editing HTML. Quitting HTMLEditor first is mandatory to be able to save the page.
  • To avoid generating 404 HTTP errors on the server, a default FavIcon.ico has been added by default. This file is usually automatically requested by current browsers to display a little icon in the window bar.
  • Most of the existing filetypes have been allowed to use in the file upload box of the HTMLEditor (free style content item)
  • Redirect properties of the login control have been fixed (path value)
  • Issue related to Links to HTTPS URLs has been fixed
  • A Silverlight caching acceleterator has been put in place as optional feature for XmlEditor. This allows editing pages up to 2x faster than without the feature, but requires Silverlight 3 to be installed on the client machine.
  • Internet Explorer 8 is now supported on SiteNOTE administration

SiteNOTE 3.2

The 3.2 release of CrossFactory SiteNOTE is ready as of today, 13 Jul 2009.

Main new features in this release are:

  • Possibility to change the name of an existing page (additionaly to the title)
  • The page history screen now allows to delete previous versions of the page or changes trak logs
  • New "Switch to Edit Mode" link for authenticated users that browse the site's published version
  • As SiteNOTE requires Internet Explorer functionalities and specific settings (no popup blocker, edited site should be in the trusted sites ...), these requirements are checked when login in SiteNOTE.
  • Even if we discourage the use of HTML in a SiteNOTE site, Javascript code can now be used in HTML Editor.
  • An "Auto-Reply" functionality has been added to the form' submit button so that the user who submits a form receives a confirmation message.
  • Due to the new interpretations of HTML by Email clients (MS Outlook 2007, etc...), Emails are now sent in text mode in place of sending a copy of the submitted HTML form.
  • It is now possible for a user who subscribed to the newsletter to click on a link to unsubscribe, instead of having to contact the website's administrator to be removed of the database.
  • It is now possible for a user who registers for a restricted area of the website to be automatically logged-in if no approval of the registration is required.
  • The status page has been modified to report, among others, the website' size.
  • Broken links between site's pages are reported in the "Maintenance mode" part of the administrative section of SiteNOTE.
  • Logs files can be manually (via the admin interface) or automatically (depending on a validity period) purged.
  • MSXML6 is now used in place of MSXML4 on the server side. This component is part of most current operating systems and will not need specific request for the installation of that component anymore.

Several bugs have also been corrected in this release, the main are:

  • Changes done in layout mode now trigger the "modified" flag of the page for it to appear in the "Publish" screen.
  • Website's header is now displayed in hidden pages.
  • HTML Editor now prevents absolute (full) URLs for local links.
  • Recursion is avoided when duplicating a page and its subtree.